Wireless light for showers installs in minutes without wires or an electrician.

We had many inquiries for a bright solution for dark showers this weekend.  It's funny because we see that uses for our products come in waves.  Sometimes, there are a rash of inquiries for garage lights; sometimes it's closet lights.  In the summer, we have more requests for products that will be used outdoors, and the opposite is true for winter.

When your bathroom's plenty bright, you don't think about extra lighting in the shower.  However, buy a house with a bathroom that has a vanity light, add a shower curtain, and take a shower in the early morning or night and you'll see that you can't see!   The shower is too dark.  The solution has generally been confined to hardwired options: call an electrician for the wiring and installation and a contractor to tear up your tile or drywall and ceiling and redo once the electrician has been finished.  That's great but not practical unless you've budgeted for a new bathroom.  That is the kind of home improvement that you think you can accomplish "in a weekend for a couple of hundred dollars."  

There is a better solution to light a dark shower:  the Mr Beams Ceiling Light is perfect for this application.  You can mount the Mr Beams wireless LED light on the ceiling or the wall and the motion sensor technology will activate the lights when it's dark and you're in the shower.


Customer review for Mr Beams Ceiling Light

The LED lights are plenty bright. At 100 lumens, you'll get enough light to distinguish between the Irish Spring and the Caress (Irish Spring is "the scent that she loves" but not on her and, guys, you probably are not after the "silky fragrance infusion" touted by Caress.  Or maybe you are.  Who knows...) and the IP44 rating supports all splash-proof applications, like showers, rain, snow, etc., so the Mr Beams LED Ceiling lights are definitely shower-worthy.

The Anywhere Ceiling Light is not limited to uses in the bathroom, of course; it can be used, well, anywhere.  Mr Beams offers affordable lighting options where you need light but may not want to spend a fortune to get it.  You don't need an electrician, just a dark shower or other area where it'd be nice to have some reliable lighting.  Think about lighting dark sheds, dark closets, dark porches and dark attics.  All dark areas can have bright LED light without wires by installing the Mr. Beams wireless LED Ceiling Light.

Install Mr Beams Ceiling Light in pantries, closets, showers and more

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