We had a wicked storm today in Chagrin Falls, OH, and our power went out for two hours. My office building is a small, two-story commercial space designed more for service providers than an LED lighting company. When the lights went out, the building's emergency lighting system kicked in. Requirements and code for emergency lighting is provided by UL924 and the National Electric Code, Article 700. Now in our building, the power outage detection led to bug-eye lights going on in the hallway (see photo). Unfortunately, when the power went out and we had a blackout, there were no lights on in my office.

We created the Home Power Outage Lighting System for the home. There is no power outage lighting code for the home, and therefore there are no emergency lights required for the home. The Mr. Beams Home Power Outage Lighting System will light your house with bright LED lights the instant there is a power outage. It is currently sold exclusively by Hammacher Schlemmer.

Mr. Beams cannot promote our Home Power Outage Lighting System as emergency lighting because it is a wireless system, whereas code specifies that a system is fixed and not moveable. However, the Mr. Beams Home Power Outage Lighting System is the best supplement for emergency lighting in commercial spaces. Code specifies a certain amount of light during a power outage, but many areas of an office space remain dark and dangerous during a power outage. Stairs can be hazardous. Therefore the Mr. Beams Home Power Outage Lighting System has a stair light that can light the steps between landings for a safe exit during a power outage. Storage rooms are dangerous during a power outage. The Mr. Beams Home Power Outage Lighting System has a bright Ceiling Light that can light dark storage rooms, dark hallways, dark closets and dark offices during a power outage. These wireless LED lights will turn on automatically in the event of a blackout. Anyone can install the Mr. Beams Home Power Outage Lighting System in minutes and without wires or an electrician.

If you need additional lighting in your office, warehouse, storage center, barn, school or apartment building to supplement emergency lighting, the best solution to add to your emergency lighting is the Mr. Beams Home Power Outage Lighting System, available at Hammacher Schlemmer.